Looking for brewery tours in Malaga? Take it from the horse’s mouth… you can’t call in sick because we want everyone here on the front line, or rather at the bar… Are you ready to enjoy our unmatched craft beer tasting? We’ve got everything lined up so that you can #scubeerdive in genuine liquid gold. Our beer tasting takes place right next to our production area, so you can wrap yourself in the aroma that is released during brewing.

Not one, not two… but three types of beer and three raw materials! During our brewery tour you will be able to compare the aromas of each and discover how our works of art are made. And you will do it in order: first the malt, then the hops and, finally, the yeast.

Malt: we start our beer tasting with a Strong Ale or Stout so you can appreciate the aromas derived from the combination of selected malts – from caramel to nuts and coffee. Can you imagine? You don’t have to: experience it for yourself.

Hops: next on our brewery tour you will move on to the fruity aroma and citrus provided by selected hops while tasting an IPA beer – this will take you to paradise itself. A mouthful of pleasure!

Yeast: finally on our beer tasting brewery tour you will sample our Cruzcampo Trigo (Wheat), served straight from the tank… yes, straight from heaven to your taste buds!

All learning is worth the effort. Once our brewery tour has made you a complete expert, you’ll be ready to bring all your friends to La Fábrica, to show off your knowledge of the brewing process and, of course, to drink a glass of your favourite craft variety. Beer tasting for all!

And if this were not enough, for those who aspire to achieving PRO status, we also offer courses and/or collaborations with experts aimed at aspiring master brewers. Of course, you’ll have to meet certain requirements: you must be a lover of beer and street art. We are looking for people with a desire to take on the world, leaving our doors as true beer professionals.

Don’t run out of things to do in Malaga… come to Soho, enjoy its streets and taste our delicious craft beers. But be warned: here at La Fábrica, once you’ve tasted our beers, you won’t want to give them up.

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