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Microcervecería artesanal en Málaga

Welcome to La Fábrica.

Bringing you craft beers. Bringing you art. Bringing you experiences.

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Our Craft Beers

All exclusive, produced in situ. All pure #craft.


This limited edition beer will demonstrate how a small detail can change everything. Using innovative ingredients, we open the doors of La Fábrica to chefs and to different master brewers so they can work together to surprise you every month with an #explosion_of_flavour. Don’t miss this month’s limited edition craft beer, it’s #beerisistible!

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There are some moments that we wait for all year, those that have a special flavour… At La Fábrica we collect the essence of unforgettable moments and add it to this month’s limited edition, a beer full of sensations to #beeresearch with no limits each month. Give it a try!

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Visit our brew pub to sample exclusive beer from a genuine craft brewery in the heart of Malaga’s Soho district. La Fábrica brew pub offers you a different and special culinary experience created in our own microbrewery. Pair your Cruzcampo craft beer with great art and music. Welcome to La Fábrica, the brew pub that is the home of #craft, of authentic beer – as authentic as you. Mmmm, beer. Even better, craft beer. Divine food for the body and the soul. In our microbrewery we produce our Cruzcampo craft beer with all the art and mastery that is required… live, unplugged, before your very eyes. An urban brew pub packed with street art, great #craft atmosphere and an enormous heart focused on every drop of golden liquid (or toasted, or dark, a colour for every taste!) that pours from each tap, into each glass we serve. This is craft beer raised to the nth degree, with a flavour that is completely ours – one that stays with you, on your palate, forever. It slips down your throat like manna from heaven… Repeat after us: blessed are the hops! In our craft brewery, Cruzcampo produces in situ special varieties of craft beer from the hands of our experienced master brewers, exclusively (yes, yes, only for La Fábrica!), live and without editing, and serves them in this brew pub dedicated to creative brewing and gastronomic delights – here you can experience the profound commitment of a #deep_love for craft beer and artisanal know-how. But… man cannot live by Cruzcampo beer alone. At La Fábrica brew pub you can also enjoy a culinary experience of the highest quality: genuine flavours, tapas and special recipes, plus beer pairings to satisfy both the spirit and the stomach. And what was that about music and art? Well there’s plenty of that too, because our microbrewery is in Malagas Soho district, one of the most interesting areas of the city for leisure activities. At La Fábrica brew pub you can be witness to Malaga’s hotbed of trends: concerts, exhibitions, events… We offer a full cultural agenda designed to be paired with our Soho Beers, the specialty beers from Cruzcampo. Our craft brewery is a unique cultural and gastronomic space in Soho, itself a creative and experimental neighbourhood – the perfect place in which to share art, beer, and gastronomy. Do you get the idea? Craft beer + Soho + Malaga. Come and visit La Fábrica and immerse yourself in all the flavours of #craft and urban art.

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