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Let’s start with something simple and move on to a salad… if you are hungry, you can continue to explore the world through our Tex Mex dishes, or with a few yakitoris, if you are feeling exotic. Bread lover? Well, you’ll find all the fun is sandwiched in the middle. But if you are attracted to pure fire… try the delights of our coals and choose some fresh fish or succulent meat. It’s impossible to go home hungry… More in the mood for tapas? Ask for the bar and terrace menu! And to finish… how about ending with dessert?

Yum yum, let me at it!



Let's start by sharing...

Our own smoked and spicy bravas...


Kentucky-style crispy chicken with sweet chilli


Nachos with chili con carne


Homemade truffled pork pate with almond brittle


Roasted aubergine hummus with feta and basil oil


Black pudding crunchy rolls with acid apple gel

€9 / 6 ud.

Croquettes and patties

Roasted beef patty with tender spring onions and Idiazábal cheese

€ 2,8€ / ud.

PX candied onion and goat cheese patty

€ 2,8€ / ud.

Cuttlefish in its ink croquettes with roasted banana alioli

€9 / 8 ud.

Creamy croquettes of spicy sobrasada and smoked scamorza

€9 / 8 ud.


From Japan

Fried chicken Japanese styled salad, dry blueberries, walnut, cherry tomatos and passion fruit vinaigrette €9

Sake - Salmon

Marinated salmon salad, corn, avocado, pineapple and sake & green curry dressing €10

Our own Russian salad with Prawns and Arbequina Olive Mayo


Caprese salad

Baby arugula, tomato, mozzarella, basil and dry tomato pesto 9

All the fun is sandwiched in the middle...


Minced brisket, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato and gaucha sauce €8

La Fábrica Burger

Dry Aged Beef with goat cheese, goie, kimchee mayo, tomato and lettuce €9

Mexican Burger

Dry Aged Beef pastor marinated with chipotle, guacamole, pico de gallo and roasted pineapple €8,5


Pulled ribs, mayo of its juice, double American cheese, caramelized onion with BBQ sauce and green lollo lettuce €9

Norwegian Burger

Roasted salmon with corn salad, avocado, Brie cheese and basil yogurt sauce €9

Premium Wrap

Roasted chicken wrap, avocado, toasted corn, lettuce, tomato sauce and chile pasilla €7,5

Over the Coals...

Roasted scallop with truffled asparagus risotto


Pink cusk-eel in black tempura, crunchy bok choy and 7 Chinese peppers alioli


Baked salmon with rice sautéed, corn, saeweed and Jamaican pepper sauce


Charcoal grilled Iberian pork with malt wheat stew and goat cheese foam


Roasted duck with tangerine sauce, chili and sautéed vermicellis with veggies


Josper-cooked pork with Korean Fruit barbecue sauce and baked potatoes


Beef loin with baked potatoes and Padrón peppers



Our own black chocolate Mon Cheri with liquored cherries


Cheese parfait, strawberry stew, raspberry marshmallows and blackberries Lyo


White chocolate dome with fluid passion fruit heart


Carrot cake, creamy pistachio and crunchy wafer


Great chocolate Cookie with Biscuit Ice cream and liquid Nutella


For the little ones...

Mini Beef Burger with emmental Cheese and Fries


Grilled Chicken Breast with Fries


Bolognese Macaroni with Grated Cheese


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