The History of Our Brand

The history of Cruzcampo, brewers since 1904, is a story of joyful living and taking pleasure in the little everyday things. Isn’t it better to see the glass as half full rather than half empty? And even better if it’s full of Cruzcampo beer made with all the know-how of our MBs. We are proud to have the most genuine creative talent on our team… it’s in Cruzcampo’s DNA, and of course we want to share that with you.

At La Fábrica eating and drinking is an art: concerts, exhibitions, events, artists of various disciplines… craft and the urban style are our essence and our motivation. And all this in an incomparable place, the Bohemian neighbourhood of Soho in Malaga, an inspiring and creative district that motivates our master brewers to bring their best creations to life.

Cruzcampo was born in 1904, the result of a dream shared by two brothers, Tomás and Roberto Osborne. They wanted to develop a beer that would be perfect for the warm southern climate, so they moved to Seville, where the high-quality water is similar in composition to the Pilsen River in the Czech Republic, which gives its name to that type of beer. In 1904, the Cruz del Campo Brewery found a unique strain of yeast, which gives its beer a smooth bitterness and a herbal and fruity aroma. This led to the first Cruzcampo beer, with properties and an essence that are still intact. And the fact is that Cruzcampo follows a unique production process, chilled and unpasteurized, to ensure maximum freshness. Furthermore, the Cruzcampo ritual of serving the beer at -2° Celsius and without excess foam, allows you to enjoy this beer to the maximum.

Today, Cruzcampo still maintains the innovative spirit of its founders. And at La Fábrica de Cruzcampo Microbrewery in Soho, Malaga, exclusive varieties of specialty craft beer are produced, inspired by Malaga’s Soho district and in #constant_evolution.

Come to La Fábrica and celebrate all that is authentic with us. Only room for the beerst here!

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