Explore Malaga events and the local cultural landscape. At La Fábrica we will have live music almost every day. With our Malaga events you can explore alternative artists that release their own music, Soho street artists and urban artists, as well as exhibitions, concerts, other events and a whole host of leisure activities.

La Fábrica brings you Malaga’s live music scene – come and enjoy the most urban #craft culture. We’re ready for you: great food and music, featuring the best alternative artists in Malaga, live music, Malaga’s urban street culture, and genuine craft beer specialties embodying all our brewery’s #craft art. These are Malaga events that present Malaga’s live music to all those who dare to do something different. At La Fábrica we bring you #craft, the genuine, the authentic. Come with your ears wide open and pair your food and music with everything that inspires you!

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