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Our Craft Beers

There are many types of craft beer in Spain. Some craft beers have more or less alcohol, some are made with different grains and there is even gluten-free beer… At La Fábrica we have extended the offer of craft beer in Spain with our Soho Beers: seven varieties of craft beer, all specialty beers, all featuring “urban craft”. Urban craft? Exactly, a craft beer in Spain that is inspired by street style: our master brewers drink in the cultural influence that is transforming Malaga, and they do this in Soho, the centre of spontaneous street culture. So do your #beeresearch surrounded by art and enjoy the best of craft beer in Spain.

Download our beer menu here

Graffiti art, photography, music… you can find it all at La Fábrica and in its surroundings; and you’ll drink it in through each of our craft beers. But each one of our craft beers has its own vibe. Among the craft beers in Spain that you can share with your friends we offer our 7 craft beers – 5 of which will be permanently on the menu, and 2 more that will change each month – as well as all the Cruzcampo varieties – the everyday beers – plus a good selection of imported beers. What’s more, at La Fábrica we want everyone, absolutely everyone, to find their place so they can enjoy our spaces and our experiences, so coeliacs will also find a delicious gluten-free beer. Doesn’t that sound great?

So now let’s introduce our La Fábrica local craft beers: Malagueta, IPA, TRIGO (WHEAT), STRONG ALE and seasonal special. All unique, all Soho Beers, all urban craft beers from Spain.

Our Monthly Craft Beers


Limited Edition 1 – SPRING IPA

  • ABV: 5.5 %
  • EBC Colour: 19
  • Bitterness 45 IBUs

At La Fábrica Cruzcampo we keep on celebrating the Spring, now with the company of our new Limited Edition Cruzcampo SPRING IPA. This filtered #craft_beer, designed for the most daring palates of the season, will surprise you with a copper shading colour and an intense bitterness. This India Pale Ale or IPA medium-body beer will make you feel a whole new #explosion_of_flavour on your mouth.

Thanks to its exquisite aroma, you will enjoy the perfect balance between the malts and the hops used in its making. A real and pure India Pale Ale that will seduce you with a fresh sensation and citrus touches. Try this spring-like Cruzcampo IPA along with our grilled meats and our amazing croquettes, so you will discover a #craft_beer with a great and unique personality.


Limited Edition 2 – May 25th Geek Pride Day

  • ABV: 5.2 %
  • EBC Colour: 9
  • Bitterness 20 IBUs

At Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica we bring you one of the best surprises you could ever imagine: a really, really geek new limited edition #craft_beer! This Butter Beer has a pale yellow colour with a cloudy touch that will leave a wonderful feeling on your mouth, as soft as the sweet butter itself. A #beerisistible Cruzcampo!

Furthermore, its great mix of malts delivers the perfect aroma and an exquisite sweet flavour, as well as the Perle and Lemon drop hops. Thanks to this combination, its well-balanced body and its great beer head, Cruzcampo Butter Beer will be your favorite choice this month. Try this #craft_beer with one of our delicious grilled meats or with our own smoked and spicy bravas. #Scubeerdive in our beer and let your geeky side out!

Our Permanent Craft Beers


Cruzcampo Malagueta

  • ABV: 4.6%
  • EBC Colour: 9
  • Bitterness 23 IBUs

The most malaguita of all our beers. The combination of malts, including Pale Ale malt, with fruity citrus hops, gives rise to this refreshing and aromatic Andalusian Pale Ale, like a summer afternoon on Malagueta Beach.

Cruzcampo Malagueta is a light Andalusian Pale Ale (4.5-5% ABV) with a bitterness of 23 IBUs. The dry hopping technique gives it its citrus and herbaceous touch, guaranteeing that taste that is so refreshing and so ours.

This type of beer is born from three classes of malts; one of them is the Pale Ale, which provides the main source of sugars, along with the other malts, with which we achieve its alcohol content. This is how we get that Pale Ale we know so well, but if you want a Cruzcampo Malagueta, you need to add the four hops that our masters have combined to perfection. The power of the aroma and flavour that characterise this malaguita craft beer is achieved thanks to dry hopping. Don’t miss out, #it’s_the_beerst!

*You already know that these are craft beers, so you’ll understand that the details of alcohol content, colour and bitterness may vary slightly.

Cruzcampo IPA

  • ABV: 7%
  • EBC Colour: 15
  • Bitterness 55 IBUs

Even biznaga (jasmine flowers) couldn’t provide an aroma as intense as that of this beer. With its perfect balance of bitterness and caramelised malts, you’ll fall in love from the first mouthful of this genuine craft beer, Cruzcampo IPA, or India Pale Ale.

An IPA is characterised by its balance between the sweetness of its five malts and the bitterness of its four American hops. During the malting process, part of the grain sugar is caramelised, hence the aftertaste of the Cruzcampo IPA, which should be sweet, but not too sweet, right? It creates a perfectly balanced bitterness, achieved by selecting fruity hops that, thanks to dry hopping, give that extra hit of aroma. Our Soho Beers never disappoint. #Scubeerdive from our ocean #craft.

*You already know that these are craft beers, so you’ll understand that the details of alcohol content, colour and bitterness may vary slightly.

Cruzcampo TRIGO (WHEAT)

  • ABV: 5%
  • EBC Colour: 10
  • Bitterness 20 IBUs

When you taste this Cruzcampo TRIGO with its low bitterness and intense aroma of wheat and cloves, you are tasting the fusion between Germanic tradition and the art of Malaga. This craft beer links our city with Germany, giving rise to a Soho Beer that will leave anyone who feels #deep_love for this delicious elixir speechless. A very deutsch craft beer in the heart of Soho.

This beer has everything it takes to be a real German beer. The barley and wheat malts give this local craft beer its characteristic turbidity. But the idea is clear, a German beer needs a good yeast to carry its own seal: the aroma of fruit and cloves. Unlike other types of beer, Cruzcampo TRIGO is not filtered: we want to keep every drop of its essence.

*You already know that these are craft beers, so you’ll understand that the details of alcohol content, colour and bitterness may vary slightly.

Cruzcampo SPRING
Hazy Pale Ale

  • ABV: 5.5%
  • EBC Colour: 26
  • Bitterness 40 IBUs

Spring has come to La Fábrica! To celebrate that, we offer you a seasonal variety our Soho beers with all the flavours and freshness of the happiest season of the year. An HAPA beer that mixes five malts, oat, four hops and mango… which combines perfectly with our amazing dishes.

HAPA or Hazy American Pale Ale beers are known by its turbidity. However, there is nothing turbid in the fruity flavour of natural mango in this golden seasonal beer from La Fábrica. Drink a part of Spring sip by sip and try dishes so juicy as a risotto or some of our meats. Do you feel more like having a cheese platter? Variety is the spice of life! Celebrate this season and that our Hazy American Pale Ale brings the genuine flavour and freshness of spring to your daily life.

*You already know that these are craft beers, so you’ll understand that the details of alcohol content, colour and bitterness may vary slightly.

Cruzcampo STRONG ALE

  • ABV: 7%
  • EBC Colour: 21
  • Bitterness 28 IBUs

This beer has captured the vastness of the sea thanks to the nutty, malty aromas that encourage you to dive into its nuances and #scubeerdive in a sea of very #craft flavours.

Its alcohol content and intensity ensure this beer is reserved for the strongest. A reddish-brown craft beer with a strong aroma of malt and nuts, with colour, aroma and intensity… a Malaga sunset in your glass.

This craft beer combines five varieties of malt with a special mash phase, giving it its STRONG body. The strength and intensity of our STRONG ALE make it perfect for accompanying meat, for example, but it also makes a good pint in the company of friends for a night of laughs.

*You already know that these are craft beers, so you’ll understand that the details of alcohol content, colour and bitterness may vary slightly.

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