Andalucía Económica Examines Every Aspect of La Fábrica Microbrewery

Andalucía Económica, a monthly publication, has reserved as some space in its restoration section to talk about every establishment of the Grupo Premium. At La Fábrica microbrewery, it is always a good time to celebrate any occasions, which is why we want to share with you the beautiful words that Andalucía Económica dedicated to us. Would you like to know more about what they said about us?

La Fábrica Microbrewery and Grupo Premium: Referents According to Andalucía Económica

Andalucía Económica is a lead publication in the business sector that examines in detail the potential of some establishments, such as our Malaga restaurant. At the same time, it is a platform that transmits the decisions taken by some businesses and public administrations. It is no surprise that they chose the Grupo Premium because we are in #constant_evolution!

In this article, Andalucía Económica highlights every aspect of all the establishments of the Grupo Premium and points out its most remarkable characteristics. About La Fábrica microbrewery, one of our Malaga restaurants, it said that we are the first urban factory that works with craft beers and collaborates with Heineken as well as Cruzcampo. As Andalucía Económica stated, we elaborate seven different types of daily beers and have a capacity for 500 people. Sometimes we may be jam-packed, but that is always a reason to rejoice

La Fábrica microbrewery is a place full of life where you can dance, enjoy live music, order the delicious dishes of our menu and, last but not least, try our wide offer of beers. You are starting to feel like coming to La Fábrica microbrewery, right?

Andalucía Económica Draws Attention to the Modern Challenge of Grupo Premium

Andalucía Económica mentioned what we already knew: that the Grupo Premium has always been at the forefront of the hospitality industry. Our effort translated into #deep_love for our clients! Their feedback is the main reference we have to improve. It is a real pleasure to see the results of our progress and the satisfaction and joy customers show when visiting our establishments. At our Malaga restaurant or at La Fábrica microbrewery, we are referents integrating the hospitality sector’s innovations and engage with social causes, apart from organising events in all our facilities with great enterprises.

Since the beginning of the Grupo Premium in 2015, we have been offering the best to our clients in spectacular locations. This way they can combine the cultural Malaga offer without giving up the fabulous gastronomic experience at the heart of the city. Who doesn’t like to see an art exhibition after trying our craft beer? Or discover our fantastic city with an excellent meal in some of our Malaga restaurants?

Whatever you choose, the Grupo Premium is a sure hit. And we have no doubts! We invite you to live a Premium experience at first hand with the best craft beer and a 5-star food at our microbrewery. Are you in?

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