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Beer From A to Z: The Encyclopedia
to Know in Depth the Beer Styles

There are many beer styles on the market. La Fábrica is a clear example: beers brewed on site that change with time, adapt to you and to the city… Not to mention our extensive beer menu with the full range of Cruzcampo craft beers and even imported beers. All these beer styles can be overwhelming, especially if we are not clear about some basic concepts of #beer_culture. But don’t be afraid, we present you with a Beer Encyclopedia with very important concepts and clear and simple explanations. Ready to get into hops, ferments and malts? Come on!

What Are Beer Hops?

The hops are a climbing plant,also known as Humulus lupulus , which grow only once a year and can reach a height of 9 metres. The funny thing is that this plant, like many others, produces two types of flowers: male and female. For brewing we only use the female hops blossoms, which are green and have conical shape. Amazing, isn’t it?

Why Are Hops Used in Brewing?

Hops blossomis used in beer production because it has alpha acids which are responsible for bringing bitterness to the beer. In addition, it contains essential oils that are responsible for the aromas and flavours, ranging from herbal to fruity. Hops have bacteriostatic effects, the do not let other organisms grow that could ruin our beer. Thanks to this property, it began to be used in brewing during the Middle Ages.

Today, at Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica, we know that hops are used for many other reasons. The natural bitterness of beer hops allows us to balance the sweetness of the malts. It also helps us to make the beer’s head or foam more stable and, why not say it, it also helps stimulate the appetite. Drinking a beer without a tapa is a crime at La Fábrica!

What Types of Hops Are Used in Brewing?

There are many ways of classifying the types of hops used in brewing. We mainly find a classification by origin and another by function. According to their origin, the main types of hops are Noble (Germany and Czech Republic), American (USA) and English (yes, from England). Depending on their function, we find bitter hops, aromatic hops and mixed hops. So, we could say that hops are to beer what garlic is to gazpacho, it is used in little quantity but it gives that special point.

What Is An IPA Beer?

“IPA” is the acronym for India Pale Ale, a beer style from the Pale Ale family, in which hops are the stars. Despite its name, this beer is British and the first recorded use of the term India Pale Ale was found in an Australian newspaper in 1829.

What Is Brewer’s Yeast?

Brewer’s yeast is a single-celled microorganism classified as a fungus. It is responsible for the fermentation of sugar into alcohol. The two main yeasts in beer production are Saccharomyces cerevisiae, used in ALE and with fermentation at the top, and Saccharomyces pastorianus, used in lager and with fermentation at the bottom.

How Do You Use Brewer’s Yeast?

Yeast is used in the production of all beer styles because of its ability to transform sugars in cereals into alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2) through the metabolic process known as fermentation. In addition to generating alcohol, yeast is responsible for obtaining the character and taste of your favourite beer.

How is the Cruzcampo IPA from La Fábrica like?

The Cruzcampo IPA is an Indian Pale Ale with an intense aroma and a perfect balance between bitterness and caramelized malts. Five malts and four American hops are used in its production. To guarantee the balance of flavour, fruity hops are used in the production of our Cruzcampo IPA, which, thanks to dry hopping, provide that extra touch.

How is the Cruzcampo TRIGO from La Fábrica like?

The Cruzcampo TRIGO beer uses wheat as its main element. It is a type of beer that reminds us of the traditional German beers so popular during the Oktoberfest. It is made from barley and wheat malts, which provide its characteristic turbidity. As it is an unfiltered beer, it has a cloudy appearance and maintains the aroma of fruit and cloves provided by the yeast during fermentation.

How is the craft beer Cruzcampo MALAGUETA like?

The Cruzcampo MALAGUETA beer is an authentic Andalusian Pale Ale. The most local of all the types of beer from La Fábrica, it combines malts, such as Pale Ale, with citrus and fruit hops. The result is an aromatic and refreshing Pale Ale.

In addition to its three kinds of malts, which provide the sugars to produce its alcohol volume, it combines four hops, which also enhance its flavour thanks to the dry hopping technique.

What is dry hopping?

Dry hoppingis the process by which hops are added, usually a second time, to a beer to enhance its hop aroma. Generally, the dry hopping technique is used for types of beer such as Pale Ale or IPA, but today it is used for many other types. Its main benefit is that, as the hops are not boiled, the oils are not extracted and therefore do not add bitterness. Thanks to dry hoppingonly aroma and taste are added.

Studies show that almost 75% of the taste comes from our sense of smell, which is why this extra aroma is so important in the brewing of all types of beer.

Beer Styles Explained: Beer Encyclopedia
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Beer Styles Explained: Beer Encyclopedia
Discover all the information about the beer styles you like most with Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica.
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