Craft Beer Lagunitas IPA –
Have a Taste of America with this IPA Beer

Craft beer from America is now coming to the Soho in Malaga! As you already now, you can try our Cruzcampo IPA but now, among our varied international beer menu, we have a very special one: the Lagunitas IPA beer. An American beer meant only for the bravest beer lovers. This IPA beer is brewed in the very heart of California, and is now here to conquer our hearts too. Let yourself be captured by the taste of this #beerisistible beer on tap that is only available in two places in Spain, being La Fábrica one of them. Could it be other way?

IPA Craft Beer the Californian Way

The Cruzcampo IPA beer was crafted following a tradition that made these beers ready to “survive” long see trips in warm climates. Does that sound familiar to you? After a long summer day in Malaga, nothing more refreshing than a Lagunitas IPA. A craft beer with a mild spicy touch that does not hide its subtle wine, pear and grape aroma, which is just a confirmation of its origin: American beer crafted in the Californian countryside.

The Lagunitas IPA, like every India Pale Ale, is brewed with a wide variety of malts and hops, combined with precision and good taste. Pure #hoppines for your taste buds. Its strong aroma, with an aftertaste ranging from sweet malts to bitter hops, will leave you craving for more craft beer. According to its creators, more than 40 types of hops and up to 65 varieties of malted cereals are used in the brewing process.

A Unique Craft Beer for a Unique Place

As you already know, at La Fábrica we do not settle for just anything and are always looking for something different. That is why we did not miss the craft work of the Lagunitas Brewing Company and the spectacular flavour and aroma results that they achieve with their Lagunitas IPA beer. That is how this American beer gets from the West Coast to our Costa del Sol, across the ocean! The perfect match to our very own Cruzcampo IPA.

But there’s more to it than that… As we told you before, such a special beer cannot be found everywhere, so you should know that this American beer is only available in selected locations throughout Spain, and La Fábrica is one of them! There you have the perfect excuse to come to La Fábrica and declare your #deep_love for a unique craft beer in a special environment. Our barmen are ready to pour this beer on tap that will impress even the pickiest beer lover. Are you ready to try the pure taste of California?

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