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Celebrate the Best Feria de Malaga 2022 in Style at La Fábrica

The Feria de Malaga 2022 is here! From August 13 to 20, Malaga lives its grand week, the one that everyone passionate about the Costa del Sol has highlighted more than once in its calendar.  At La Fábrica we intend to live it as it deserves: with a programme of Malaga concerts that will bring back memories of the best national and international hits of Pop and Rock and Roll and with which we will show our roots and art. Don’t miss out!

Live the Feria de Malaga 2022 to the Beat of Rock and Roll

We love rock classics almost as much as we love our Feria and, since we were eager for the Feria de Malaga 2022, we have packed our bags and we have travelled to the past to bring you the best of Rock ‘n’ Roll of all time. How? Through our iconic groups that have come to Malaga to triumph. So get ready to receive the electrifying rock energy of the 80s and 90s with Rosstown, Marintencionados and Radio 80. Are you ready to move your hips? Don’t miss out on August 13, 14, 15 and 20.

Although that’s not all, because we have also prepared a very particular tribute to two legendary British rock groups that will begin with a trip to the 60s, the decade when a band born in Liverpool conquered the world: the Beatles. If you’re passionate about them as much as we are, don’t miss The Bottles on August 14. Finally, our second and final stop will start in the 70s with a group that has been crowned as the best group in the history of rock and that has set the trend after its legendary performance in the Live Aid of 1985. Do you know who we are referring to? If your answer was Queen, you got it right! And if you’re as excited as we are, take note, because on August 17 we have an appointment with Queen of Magic.

The best of Spanish Pop comes to the Feria de Malaga 2022

International rock and tribute bands are great, but at La Fábrica we love our art, and for that reason, we have prepared a selection of performances in Spanish which will keep you dancing all day long. And, of course, singing. Because who has not sung Lobo Hombre en París by La Unión? Or has claimed Me duele la cara de ser tan guapo with Los Inhumanos?

If the golden age of National Pop-Rock is part of your regular playlist, you cannot miss our tribute to the greats of the genre with Mr. Mirinda, Pop FM and Miranda Cuenca on August 15, 17 and 20. And if you are looking to add new songs to your musical repertoire, you have to listen to Hasta luego Mari Carmen and Centro de atención, the official song of the Vuelta Ciclista a Andalucía 2022 (Cycling Tour of Andalusia), by Tarifa Plana on August 16.

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However, we have not forgotten those International Pop hits that have accompanied us throughout our lives and which we will enjoy again during two sessions: the first on August 18 with Radio Hits and, the second, on August 19 with Money Makers.

Enjoy our art, enjoy the Feria de Malaga 2022

If there is a typical and longed-for moment of the Feria during the day, capable of replacing a fresh glass of our #craft_beers, it is dancing bulerías. Because the real Feria doesn’t start until you’ve danced at least one Sevillana. Therefore, at La Fábrica we intend to show off our Malaga roots with a master class in flamenco by Encarni Navarro and José Callejón on August 16, 18 and 19.

Although, when it comes to showing off Malaga art, we cannot forget our iconic Malaga band Jarrillo Lata that has brought us many smiles with its theme Pintando todo and that has left a mark on us with Nada tan sincere. Do not miss them on August 13, as they will be closing the performances on the first day of Feria at La Fábrica. And there will be seven more days!

Malaga dresses in its finest and La Fábrica prepares its live performance programme from August 13 to 20. So make room in your calendar, because all we need is you to live the Feria de Malaga 2022 in style.

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