International Beer Day at Cruzcampo’s Brewery La Fábrica: Beer Tasting, Guided Tours and Showbrewing

International Beer Day will be celebrated on August 2nd. A special day to declare your #deep_love for this refreshing and golden beverage. A day to discover the secrets of the Cruzcampo’s Brewery La Fábrica in the very heart of Malaga’s Soho. A day to witness the brewing process. Live! A day to taste your favourite Soho beers… You too think it is not enough time?

That’s not all there is to it. At La Fábrica, International Beer Day will be celebrated for a whole week. Do you want to know what we’ve prepared to celebrate our favourite day of the year?

International Beer Day with Beer Tasting and Workshops at Curzcampo’s Brewery

If you’re passionate about beer tastings, at La Fábrica we have two very special ones to celebrate International Beer Day. On July 30th and 31st we organise a blind tasting and a beer tasting with a raw ingredients workshop. Can you distinguish the Cruzcampo TRIGO from the Cruzcampo IPA or from an Andalusian Pale Ale? Learn about our #craft_beers’ secrets from the master brewers.

For the artisans and gourmets, we have prepared a beer tasting with a workshop on raw ingredients. In it, you can #scubeerdive in malts, cereals and hops. Discover the ingredients with which the Cruzcampo STRONG ALE, Cruzcampo TRIGO or Cruzcampo LIMITED EDITION are brewed.

Do you know the best thing about all this? These activities are totally free! All you have to do is send us an e-mail to, stating your name, the activity and the number of places you want to book. Go check more info about these activities here.

But, because not everything is going to be beer drinking, we offer you the best food for you to enjoy our restaurant. Along with La Fábrica’s extensive gastronomic offer, this week you will have a tasty special: Pastrami sandwich with three malt bread, melted cheddar cheese, mustard mayonnaise and rocket. Isn’t your mouth already watering?

Visit Cruzcampo’s Brewery and Showbrewing

International Beer Day isn’t all about drinking and beer tastings in Malaga. You can also take part in a guided tour around our spacious facilities and participate in the beer brewing process. Between July 29th and August 1st, you can take a guided tour around our facilities. Don’t worry, we know that discovering the secrets of beer and touring our facilities can be exhausting, so at the end of the tour, a refreshing Soho beer will await you.

If browsing does not entirely satisfy your curiosity, you can book a place in the showbrewing organized by the master brewers at La Fábrica. Celebrate International Beer Day by taking part in the process of brewing a must that will turn into a delicious beer. Mmm #beerisistible.

But the real star will be August 2nd, the real International Beer Day within this week of celebration. This day we will have a tasting quiz for you to demonstrate your #beer_culture. Will you be the one who knows the most about beer?

And so that there are no excuses, these activities are also free. Remember, book your place before they sell out. Visit our website and social networks for more information on all the events that Cruzcampo’s brewery has prepared to celebrate the best day of the year.

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