La Fábrica Microbrewery Makes Itself Known: National and Local Media Set Eyes on Our Soho Brewery

What’s on with La Fábrica microbrewery that everyone is talking about us? It’s not one but may things going on. It is located in an unparalleled place in Malaga’s Soho, one of the most unique neighbourhoods in Malaga, and it has a way of seeing culture and beer that leaves no one indifferent. The truth is, mixing Cruzcampo Soho beers with Malaga live music scene is #the_beerst! What? You still don’t know what this whole La Fábrica microbrewery thing is about? Well, then you should keep on reading and discover what various media and specialized sites say about us.

Live Music at Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica Microbrewery: The Best for El Viajero

The national newspaper El País, on its section specializing in interesting destinations, focused its attention on Malaga’s Soho and dedicated a space to us on its urban guide for the capital: craft beer and live music. A plan with no weak spots. Because at La Fábrica microbrewery we don’t understand culture without beer or beer without culture.

La Fábrica Microbrewery Stands out for the Transformation of Trinidad Grund Street, According to Diario Sur

Diario Sur, the largest circulation local newspaper, reviewed the different places that transformed Trinidad Grund street into a modern and cosmopolitan area. Among cafes, comic shops and traditional bars, the pioneering initiative of Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica microbrewery brought its style and beer culture to the new version of this well-known street. The beer is the clear star at our premises, as our master brewer Juan Jiménez reminds the readers of Diario Sur: “We have seven types of craft beers. Four fixed ones, a seasonal and two Limited Editions changing monthly.” They do not overlook our love for Malaga live music, new local talents, exhibitions and gastronomy. The Premium Group is committed to expanding the cultural and gastronomic offerings in downtown Malaga.

GURMÉmálaga: La Fábrica Microbrewery, Craftsmanship at its #Beerst

More and more national media are echoing the revolution around the fact that our microbrewery is located in an urban environment. On this occasion, the national newspaper ABC’s gastronomic portal published an excellent review of what they currently consider to be a benchmark urban brewery project in Spain. As an example, they used the launch of our organic Cruzcampo beer, Hoppy Trigo Eco.

Do you remember it? Its ecological character gave it a unique and different taste. Its production was made possible by the organic hop “Lolita”, which comes from the fields of the ecological project Biolupulus (bio-hops). In short, it is an open secret that La Fábrica microbrewery is a different place with a different atmosphere and beers for you to enjoy in style. An #beerisistible luxury!

So don’t hesitate, all the media recommend us. Come and visit La Fábrica and let yourself be carried away by the good vibes that the beer and musical culture distils.

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