Plans in Malaga to Enjoy in May: Have Fun This Spring at la Fábrica

Are you looking for plans in Malaga to escape from routine this May? In that case, congratulations! You are in the right place. At La Fábrica, we have everything ready for all beer lovers to have fun with our Arte y Acento events.

It’s only just about to start! On this particular occasion, we have designed an original program of cultural and gastronomic activities ranging from live music concerts to craft beer tastings, creative workshops, and even a street market. Do you want to find out more? Read on.

Arte Y Acento: The Plan in Malaga With All You Need to Hang Out in the Centre of Town

At La Fábrica, we aim to ensure that everyone who visits us enjoys a unique experience immersed in the best atmosphere. Therefore, for this May, we have organized the first edition of “Arte y Acento,” a free multidisciplinary event that we will be held on May 9th, where not only will you be able to enjoy the coldest beer and the most delicious tapas of Soho in Malaga, but also a street market of Malaga artists, a creative workshop with the artist Panamá Díaz, express craft beer tastings, live music concerts and much more.Throughout the event you will be able to delight in our selection of craft beers and tapas. Of course, our kitchen will still be at your service.

It will take place from 6 to 12 pm. As mentioned a few lines above, entry is free until total capacity is reached.

Photographic Workshop, by Panamá Díaz: A Creative Plan to Hang Out in Malaga

Here comes one of the plans in Malaga that you will fall in love with if you are passionate about art and photography. Among the scheduled activities for May 9th in Arte y Acento at La Fábrica, there is this pretty interesting free photographic workshop led by the artist Panama Díaz.

This workshop is addressed to anyone who has artistic interests and wants to explore creative processes that help them connect with their environment and the daily moments they experience in their routines. This workshop will show you that art is available to everyone and not just a privilege restricted to a few.

The only prerequisite to participate in this activity is to bring images printed on paper (regardless of their quality) taken by the participants that recall these everyday moments. Oh! Don’t forget either the desire to have a good time.

Express Tasting in Malaga of Our Craft Cruzcampo Beers

Another of the flagship activities that we have prepared in Arte y Acento is our express beer tasting.

Suppose you love beer and want to learn more about this great product at La Fábrica. In that case, we have organized several 30-minute tastings on the same day of 3 of our craft Cruzcampo, brewed in our microbrewery in Malaga. All of this with the help of our partner Masha.

Please note that to attend this plan in Malaga, a reservation must be made before all the spots are sold out. Tickets cost 10 € per person.

As you can see, at La Fábrica, we keep organising top events to hang out in Malaga so that you can enjoy yourself this spring. Rest assured that it will be an unforgettable day that you will be able to share with family and friends. What are you waiting for to save that date on your agenda?

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