Valentine’s Day Dinner 2020 in Malaga, Do You Have Valentine’s Day Plans with Your Partner?

Imagine the scene… Valentine’s Day dinner, you and your partner. A Valentine’s Day menu designed for the occasion down to the smallest detail… and love, lots of love. Shall we tell you how romantic we have become at La Fábrica? Heart wide open, and here we go!

To start, a Valentine’s Day menu for two people from 10th to 16thFebruary. Or should we say fortwo lovers? Look at the lovely dishes… and to share! Because we have to share what we like so much, right? To open your mouth (and your heart) we have a fantastic Beet hummus with chickpeas and Feta cheese or a delicious Avocado tartare with pico de gallo, coriander, prawns and lemon vinaigrette… And we start with the first ones! Turbot with mussels and saffron or Grilled Iberian Prey… just smell it and it will melt your heart. Finally, end the feast with a tasty Banana mousse, sweet and tender as this Valentine’s Day dinner that we have thought up for you at La Fábrica. Beating!

And what do you say if we pair the dishes with some varieties of Soho craft beers? And with some fantastic wines selected for the occasion? The IPA or Trigo (Wheat). Embrumas, 12 Lunas and a fresh strawberry Daikiri. At La Fábrica, we have options for every heart.

Everything is ready to receive you, so make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance! Call 952 12 39 04 and make sure you have your place booked for the Valentine’s Day plan at La Fábrica.

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