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American Food: The Authentic USA Flavour Is Back at La Fábrica

The American food days are back at La Fábrica! We just drew a smile on your face, didn’t we? The fact is that knowing that Malaga’s Soho will once again be filled with the authentic flavour of the United States is something that pleases anyone.

Write down on your agenda that from July 14 to 24 you have an unavoidable appointment to enjoy authentic American cuisine with one of our fresh #craft_beerson your hand. But first, we’ll tell you more about the new international gastronomic adventure that we are organizing at La Fábrica.

American Food at Soho in Malaga: the Authentic #American_Food Awaits

We have everything ready for you to immerse yourself again in one of the hallmarks of American culture: its gastronomy. If you are looking for a place to eat in Malaga that transports you to one of the cosmopolitan and eclectic streets of New York, do not hesitate: you have to see what we are cooking at La Fábrica. Check this out:

Superar el sabor de nuestros Aros de cebolla va a ser difícil gracias a la salsa barbacoa casera que hemos preparado con un toque de whisky Jim Beam. Ya sea como aperitivo, como tapa o como acompañamiento, este plato no puede faltar en tu mesa si vienes a vernos. ¡Ni el Tío Sam se las perdería! Además, son el complemento perfecto para nuestras irresistibles Buffalo wings, unas alitas de pollo cocinadas a baja temperatura, acompañadas de salsa barbacoa y crema agria, al más puro estilo yankee.

Beating the taste of our onion rings is going to be difficult thanks to the homemade barbecue sauce we have prepared with a touch of Jim Beam whisky. Whether as an appetizer, as a tapa or as a side dish, this option should be at your table if you come to visit us.Even Uncle Sam wouldn’t miss them! In addition, they are the perfect side to our irresistible Buffalo wings, chicken wings cooked at a low temperature, accompanied by barbecue sauce and sour cream, in the purest Yankee style.

But, if you like sandwiches and burgers, the menu of this new edition of American Days is also designed for you. The Philly cheesesteak is the sandwich you have seen a thousand times in the cinema and that you can now try in the very heart of Malaga. An authentic #american_food icon in our way! We bring it stuffed with low-temperature roasted picanha, melted cheese, pickles, caramelized and fried onion and mustard. If you are a meat lover, this tender and tasty proposal will conquer you.

tipos de cerveza - La Fábrica

And if a good hamburger is what makes you crazy, our Burger Sloopy Joe’s will leave you speechless. From the first bite, you’ll think… OMG! An explosive combination of melted cheddar cheese, purple onion, BBQ sauce, sweet and sour pickles and fried bacon give shape to this authentic festival of flavours with which you will end up licking your fingers.

After this feast, do you still have room to eat a little more? If the answer is yes, then we encourage you to try the dish that closes the menu of the 2022 edition of the American Days:our American Apple Pie, the traditional apple pie of American cuisine, accompanied by yoghurt and cinnamon ice cream that makes it a refreshing and light bite.

American Cuisine + La Fábrica Beer = the Perfect Tandem

At La Fábrica we know that to enjoy an international culinary proposal like this, it is best to accompany it with one of our craft beers made by our Master Brewers.It is the definitive touch to live a perfect experience during these American Days.

Don’t forget: between 14 and 24 July you have a booking for first-class travel across the sea, without leaving downtown Malaga! The best of American gastronomy is waiting for you.

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