Beer Dishes to Launch the Leisure (No) Programme in Malaga by Premium Group

Beer dishes and a leisure no-programme in Malaga? You must think we are crazy. And you are not entirely wrong. At La Fábrica microbrewery in Malaga’s Soho we are crazy about the Premium Life, which is #the_beerst and must be fully enjoyed. That’s why we are so excited to announce the latest news from Premium Group for your leisure plans in downtown Malaga.

Get ready because these news bring a lot of culture and many beer recipes that, besides being very Premium, are #beerisistible. That’s for sure!

Acervezados: Beer Dishes for Everyone’s Taste at La Fábrica in Malaga’s Soho

As you read it, the brewmasters of La Fábrica have sneaked into the kitchens of our Malaga restaurant and filled its plates with wonderful beers. If you thought that at La Fábrica we had beer everywhere, once again, you are not entirely wrong.

As the opening event of Preámbulo, the Premium Group’s new leisure programme in Malaga, La Fábrica introduces a very special menu. Not only you will find the amazing slow food that you are used to enjoying in our restaurant, but also you will be amazed by our dishes made with beer. Even the dessert!

platos con cerveza, recetas con cerveza

From our own Caesar salad with fried beer, baby leaf, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and crunchy bacon to the succulent Chilli with meat and Strong Ale grilled burrito with homemade guacamole and pico de gallo, without forgetting the Mushroom mix risotto, wheat beer, parmesan cheese and seasonal veggies. Some people’s mouths are watering as they read this… Our mouths produce #craft_beer.

Beer Recipes for Unique Cheeses

If before enjoying La Fábrica’s special dishes you fancy a snack or simply prefer the typical tapas of our slow food restaurant in Malaga, you will be delighted to know that our cheese platter has also “fallen” into the brewmasters’ cauldron.

The cheeses you will be able to taste are a real beer experience themselves. This experience starts with a Saint Bernardus, a cheese matured in caves in the Belgian abbey of St. Bernardus. Belgian cheese and beer? I’m in!

recetas con cerveza, platos con cerveza

As we were passing through Belgium, we brought Red beer Chimay Cheese with us. A semi-hard cheese whose rind is washed with the characteristic red Belgian abbey beer. You will be surprised by its unique flavour reminiscent of yeast and malt. And this washing technique is not unique to the Chimay. The taste of abbey beer goes right to the heart of the Beer Exquis.

Finally, if anyone understands beer and beer dishes, it’s the Irish. The British Isles bring together with the meeting of traditional English Cheddar and intense Irish Porter. Its marbled look and flavours of malt and caramel will captivate the most demanding palates.

And as we mentioned before, for those with a sweet tooth, we have an irresistible Chocolate and dark beer cake with cheese frosting. We don’t know about you, but we can only think of asking when can we enjoy these wonderful beer dishes?

PREÁMBULO: The New Leisure Programme in Malaga by Premium Group

Coinciding with the launch of Preámbulo, you can enjoy this special Acervezados slow food menu from April 8th to 18th. But what is Preámbulo and why should it become your reference leisure programme for Malaga?

agenda de ocio en malaga, recetas con cerveza

Preámbulo is more than a cultural programme. In fact, we like to call it the NO-PROGRAMME, because it adapts to your rhythm, not the other way around. Is there anything more Premium than being master of your own time, setting your own pace? Preámbulo brings together the outstanding events that will fill up the Premium Group’s facilities each month. From gastronomic events in our Malaga restaurants La Fábrica, Batik, Bendito or Yubá, to art exhibitions, live music and much more. Forget stress, hurry and schedules. Live the Premium Life and let our leisure NO-PROGRAMME in Malaga become the preamble of unforgettable moments. Stay tuned because Acervezados is just an appetizer of what is yet to come.

Acervezados: platos con cerveza en La Fábrica
La Fábrica de cerveza del Soho en Málaga, C/ Vendeja 34,Málaga,-29001
Starting on
8 abril, 2021
Ending on
18 abril, 2021
Disfruta de los platos con cervezas de La Fábrica del evento Acervezados. Una selección de platos y una tabla de quesos. Recetas con cerveza que no dejan indiferente.

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