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Beer Made from Olive Barley Grown Sustainably: Proyecto Olivo and Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica Microbrewery in Malaga

Remember the Cruzcampo Bock Olivarera? One of our September Limited Edition beers and also one of the perfect Soho beers for this autumn. The Munich malt gave the beer an intense flavour and an aroma with a touch of caramel. A beer with an Andalusian flavour and a lot of German tradition with which we celebrated the Oktoberfest at Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica in Malaga.

However, this beer kept a much more special secret: the commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. A beer developed by the Cruzcampo’s Master Brewers (MC) as part of the Proyecto Olivo. Keep reading and discover why the Limited Edition Bock Olivarera helps to develop Andalusian crops and to conserve water resources, #the_beerst!

The Ecological Beer Resulting from Proyecto Olivo

In 2016, an initiative called Proyecto Olivo (Olive Tree Project) was launched with the aim of protecting water sources and returning to the environment the resources used to brew the beers. A way to achieve a water balance. HEINEKEN Spain and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Regional Government of Andalusia promoted the cultivation of barley in the olive groves of Jaén to save water.

Cerveza Olivarera de Cruzcampo

The result of this combined crop? Saving of the water resources of the province and barley that meets all the quality parameters to brew an exceptional beer: calibre, humidity, proteins, purity… A beer brewed on our land with olive barley, thanks to the Proyecto Olivo and Cruzcampo’s commitment to sustainability.

The First Beer with Olive Barley

As usual, the Master Brewers of Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica in Malaga created a limited edition beer that surprised those who love Soho Beers. Juan Navarro, one of the MCs, defined this beer as “a journey to the land of Jaén, a momentary return to the countryside, to the authenticity of Andalusia, to the deepest flavour and aroma of Andalusia”.

Nuestros maestros cerveceros hablan sobre la cerveza olivarera

But this Bock is just the beginning… It is the result of the first crop of the Proyecto Olivo, which improves the profitability and biodiversity of local farmers. How? Data is clear: the olive tree/barley combination allows a more efficient use of water and, in the last crop, twice as much barley has already been obtained from the same cultivation area.

At Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica in Malaga we declare our deep love for the Proyecto Olivo and the sustainable development of our farmers. What new beers will our Masters bring us with this barley? One thing is for sure… it will be #beerisistible!

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