Countless Malaga Events Await at La Fábrica on July

Unsure about what to do in Malaga during July? As you already know, at La Fábrica, we love organizing different plans and events so that you always have a reason to meet with your loved ones and toast with a good craft beer. What if, in addition, we add the greatest set of artists who will delight us with their live music? It will surely be difficult for you to say no this plan. Do you want to know about the events we have planned? Let’s go!

Dicover What to Do in Malaga in July


Now that we are in the middle of summer and it is hard to fight the high temperatures, what better plan than to enjoy a fantastic beer at La Fábrica? The best Cruzcampo craft beers await you in the heart of the Soho in Malaga.

In addition, since we are moved by the passion for beer and food, we have prepared a new menu in the microbrewery that we will release on July 6th. Are you ready to welcome the flavours of the new season? Our menu will be filled with new and fresh dishes that are eager to be tasted and paired with the best #craft_beers. What are you waiting for to gather your friends and enjoy a different plan in Malaga?

But that’s not all. La Fábrica is the perfect space for eating and drinking, but there is also room for art and culture. During July, we will be visited by countless local and alternative artists who will liven up the hot summer afternoons with their spectacular live music. Just think about it: a meeting with friends, a cold beer, delicious tapas, and the ambient music of a live concert… what more could you ask for?

Dare to Make Different Plans in Malaga

If you are looking for different plans in Malaga and do not settle for less, rest assured that La Fábrica will have the perfect plan for you. La Fábrica brings you Malaga’s events to enjoy the most urban #craft culture. Not only will you be able to experience the street art that floods the Soho neighbourhood, but you will also be able to participate in the exclusive events we have prepared for July.

What do you think about being part of one of our free express tasting and visit plans? In this way, you will enter the facilities of our microbrewery, learn how our exquisite craft beers are made, and understand the exhaustive process followed by our master brewers to make them. Finally, you will have the opportunity to participate in an express tasting in which you will taste our best selection of #craft_beers. And everything is completely free!

Aren’t you convinced by this plan? At La Fábrica, we know that some of you are not satisfied with just tasting beers but also want to be great experts in serving them. For this reason, we have also prepared some express visits with draft beer workshops. Do you want to become an expert in draft beers? You will discover all the tricks of our masters.

Do Not Miss the Great Malaga Event at La Fábrica

August arrives, and La Fábrica de Cruzcampo is preparing for the event of the season: the celebration of IPA Day and International Beer Day. For this reason, our team has designed a two-week brewing cycle with open days for workshops, tastings, and numerous special activities.

Between July 24th and August 4th, La Fábrica opens its doors to celebrate this great event in Malaga and organizes many activities that will make you love beer even more. You already know some of them, such as the free activities that include guided tours of La Fábrica’s facilities and express tastings or draft beer workshops.

However, exclusively for these days, our team has incorporated unique experiences such as a brewing escape room or a wort brewing workshop with beer tasting. Will you dare to discover the mysteries behind our craft beers? Take part in this unique two-hour escape room experience where you must save society from the anti-beer dictatorship. Once the world is safe, you will be rewarded with tasting four of our exclusive craft beers. On the other hand, if you prefer to participate in our wort brewing workshop, rest assured that you will learn how to make a good beer and become an expert brewer. This activity also includes a tasting of four Cruzcampo craft beers. What are you waiting for to make your booking for these exclusive plans? Don’t wait until somebody tells you about it!


In addition to all these plans, on August 3rd, IPA Day is celebrated, and our visitors will enjoy different plans in Malaga to commemorate the event. Firstly, there will be a guided tour of the facilities with a special tasting of four IPA limited editions, designed and created right there. On the other hand, to commemorate IPA Day, a delicious sensory experience will be held consisting of a paired tasting of four limited edition IPAs and a selection of cheeses that combine perfectly. Ready to appreciate and delight in the nuances of its flavours and aromas?

What did you think about these events in Malaga? Hurry up and book your place for the exclusive plans for August 3rd. Do not miss the opportunity to visit La Fábrica and participate in all the beer cycle activities. And don’t forget that on Friday 4th, we celebrate International Beer Day! Need more reasons to toast with our delicious beers? We’re looking forward to seeing you!


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