Spring Has Come and La Fábrica Fills Malaga With Events

Attention lovers of fun and memory lanes! Who wouldn’t like a trip back in time to transport themselves to golden times full of music, style, and good vibes? Indeed, we have hit the nail on the head! Why? Because we are organising two events in Malaga with live music that you will love. In La Fábrica, the excellent weather in Malaga inspires us to celebrate with friends in the best possible way with two themed parties that are well worth it.

Take note of these dates if you don’t want to miss an evening filled with live music and guaranteed fun. It goes without saying that you can visit our events section to find out everything regarding the events we organize throughout the year. Ready to dance, laugh, and look back on the golden years? Keep reading and discover what we have prepared for you. Let’s go!

Flower Power Event in Malaga: 60s party in La Fábrica

Spring has sprung! We’re here to tell you that you should say your goodbyes to the winter in the best possible style. Get rid of that coat until next winter! Slip into your most hippy outfit because you’ll need it for this stylish spring 60s and 70s party that we have prepared for you. At this event, we will have live period music, themed decorations, areas with accessories to dress up, the best beer in Malaga, and our delicious menu.

Make your free booking here and celebrate spring’s arrival with us in an atmosphere full of peace & love. Dust off your round sunglasses, fringe vest, and bell bottoms to return to the vibrant 60s and 70s. Long live Flower Power!

End-Of-Term Party: Much More Than Just a Music Event in Malaga

Attention! We are going to take attendance at this event! Do you miss the days of elementary school? Classes, retro tracksuits, cards, songs of Duran Duran playing on the radio, the best of Bananaman… Don’t stop me now! If this is moving for you, take your pen and rewind the tape because, in La Fábrica, we will replay this wonderful time in the best way we know: With an end-of-term party!

It’s time to bring out your wildest hairstyles and most colourful garments because we are going on a trip to the 80s and 90s. Enjoy the live music and move your body with the whole gang to have a great time. Are you asking yourself if there will be any food? Ha! Tons of it! Beer? Sure! Craft and fresh beer. We hope to see you on June 20 at Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica to celebrate that the term is over and the summer holidays are just around the corner.

How much do you love these two events? The past always was better, wasn’t it? So you’re on notice, mark these dates on your calendar, and don’t miss the events. You will have an unforgettable experience full of music, fun, and memories. Put on your nicest clothes! Don’t miss it!

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