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Holy Week in Malaga 2018 –
Your Alternative Plan at La Fábrica

Holy Week in Malaga 2018 is around the corner and at La Fábrica we know what to do in Malaga to enjoy one of the most acclaimed events in the city. The Holy Week is so popular that thousands of people from around the world come to Malaga to be a part of it. Our city becomes a melting pot in which locals and foreigners meet, creating a cultural mixture that is engraved in our DNA.

La Fábrica at Malaga’s Soho is located on an unparalleled location to enjoy the Holy Week in Malaga this 2018. Our designers microbrewery is located just a few metres away from Alameda Principal, the main path through which every brotherhood and association will parade. So you won’t need to stop enjoying your favourite’s #craft beers to discover this centenary tradition. Just as the locals would!

Alternative Plans for the Holy Week in Malaga on 2018

However, if you do not plan to see each and every brotherhood’s parade, at La Fábrica you will also find an oasis to rest until that particular procession you want to experience. That could be the perfect occasion to fill your lungs with the incense and rosemary essences. Live the streets like a local and enjoy this traditional and unique cultural expression.

However, if under no circumstances we will see you on the streets during the Holy Week in Malaga this 2018, then check out the alternative we offer you at La Fábrica. Come and let us pour you a pint (or two) while you enjoy some live music with friends (say goodbye to the drums and cornets on the streets!). How does it sound?

You still don’t know what to do in Malaga during the Holy Week? Well, it is clear to us: whether you want to enjoy any parade just around the corner or you just want to shelter from them… La Fábrica is your answer. With us #nothing_will_cloud_your_experience during the Holy Week in Malaga 2018.

Holy Week Events in Malaga 2018 around La Fábrica

Sunday, 25th March

Humildad y Paciencia: Casa Hermandad del Santísimo Cristo de la Humildad

Route: Casa Hermandad (1:10 pm), Alameda de Colón, Alameda (4:25 pm), Official Stand (5:30 pm), Casa Hermandad (11:30 pm).

Wednesday, 28th March

Mediadora de la Salvación: Ayala

Route: Ayala (4:15 pm), Alameda de Colón, Alameda (6:30 pm), Official Stand (7:35 pm), Cathedral (8:30 pm), Ayala (12:55 am).

Thursday, 29th March

Misericordia: Casa Hermandad de Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Misericordia

Route: Casa Hermandad (8:35 pm), Alameda de Colón, Alameda (9:50 pm), Official Stand (11:55 pm), Córdoba, Casa Hermandad (4:30 am).

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