La Fabrica’s Malaga Restaurant Introduces Its Most Carnivorous Menu

La Fábrica microbrewery’s restaurant in Malaga has good news. Meat lovers will be able to enjoy its most Premium menu with irresistible cuts of beef. Exquisite cuts of beef from meat companies whose brand seeks exceptional quality: Bazkaleku and La Finca Jiménez Barbero. Stay tuned to discover every detail if you are eager to try them.

Cuts of Beef Specially Selected for Meat Lovers

Surely, you already know the meat from La Finca Jiménez Barbero. Under the motto “The meat of happiness,” this meat company makes sure that its cattle enjoy a good life and are thoughtfully treated so that you can enjoy the best quality. On this occasion, they bring a delicious young two-spring beef to our restaurant in Malaga. What does it mean? It means that this younger cut of meat only needs two springs to mature and offer the highest quality. Thanks to a careful diet and a maturation process of between 10 and 12 days, these calves aged between 11 and 18 months ensure meat with a smooth, elegant, and delicate flavour.

However, if you are a meat lover, you will know there is a significant difference in taste and texture when we move on to mature meats. In search of the best variety, our Soho restaurant has joined Bazkaleku; under the motto “Meat the specialist,” these producers also take care of the diet and well-being of their cows to guarantee meats of the highest quality. Being fed with grasses, fodder, and grains, these cattle of Central European breeds between 4 and 5 years old give us fatty, round meat with a taste that melts in your mouth. In addition, these cuts of beef undergo a maturation process of between 14 and 21 days. Sounds irresistible, right?

At La Fabrica’s Malaga restaurant, you can choose among four different cuts of beef: T-Bone two springs or the mature French Rack, Ribeye Steak, or Low Tenderloin beef. Each one of our pieces undergoes the maturing process that best enhances its qualities and flavour. Furthermore, you will be able to choose the garnish you want. Will you opt for the Homemade chips with Padron peppers, the Low low-temperature roasted baby potatoes with Padron peppers, or the Grilled seasonal vegetables?

Round Off Your Carnivorous Experience in Our Malaga Restaurant

What do you think of our cuts of beef? We know it will be hard work to make up your mind. If you are a meat lover, we suggest you try them all: they will conquer you. Do not forget to tell our experts the meat point you like the most or ask them about the point that best enhances the flavour of your cut of beef.

Finally, a carnivorous experience cannot be complete without a delicious selection of Soho’s finest craft beers. Pair these meats and their tasty garnishes with our #craft_beer, or taste the wide variety of Cruzcampo or imported beers we keep in our brewery because eating and drinking at La Fábrica is an art.

It is a pleasure for us to help you immerse yourself in the art of grilling and craft beers. We want to share with you the intense flavours and exquisite textures that only the most special cuts of beef can offer you. A gastronomic experience that starts in Malaga’s Soho. Book your table now and get ready for an unparalleled feast. Let’s get the party started for meat lovers!

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