Menús especiales de Navidad 2023 en Málaga centro

Christmas 2023 in Malaga Arrives at La Fábrica Microbrewery

It’s time to prepare for Christmas 2023 in Malaga! Are you ready to celebrate the most magical night of the year? If you are not yet ready for your business meals, pay attention to the Christmas menus that await you at our restaurant in Malaga’s Soho. And what about the preparations for New Year’s Eve 2023 in Malaga? You’d better dress up nicely to have the time of your life with the great New Year’s Eve Party 2023 in our Malaga restaurant. Intrigued? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything right away.

Christmas 2023 Comes Full of Surprises to La Fábrica Restaurant in Malaga’s Soho

grupo de amigos disfrutando de un menú de Navidad en Málaga 2023

At La Fábrica, we are crazy about festivities. About Christmas too. That’s why we want to celebrate with you that Christmas 2023 is coming to our town. Like every year, our team completes the details so that during these holidays, your only goal is to enjoy with your loved ones: family, friends, colleagues… you choose the company, and we put the menu. This Christmas, we have prepared a selection of 3 menus with options for every taste. The perfect choice if you plan to celebrate your business meals with us!

In each Christmas menu, you will enjoy delicious starters to share, followed by an individually chosen main course, a delicious dessert, and a wide selection of drinks throughout the meal. In addition, the wide variety of dishes on the menu will not only be paired with our craft beers and exclusive wines but also with the best festive atmosphere and live music of La Fábrica. Let’s meet the delicacies on these Christmas menus!

Let’s introduce first Fun, fun, fun, a perfect casual option for American foodies. Start by sharing some Tex-mex nachos with beef chili, guacamole, cheddar cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, and jalapeños, a Roasted beef patty with tender spring onions, smoked Scamorza and jalapeño mayo and a Kentucky fried chicken marinated with IPA beer and sweet chili sauce. Next, you will have to choose the main course: An exquisite hamburger! We suggest you try La Fábrica Burger, a Dry aged beef burger with goat cheese, beer caramelized onion, green lollo lettuce, tomato and kimchee mayo. An authentic flavour worthy of the occasion. To finish, sweeten your senses with our delicious dessert of Brownie with walnuts, candied peanuts, vanilla ice cream, and liquid chocolate. It will leave you speechless!

We continue with the second menu of the night, Ande, ande, ande. If you choose this complete menu, you can taste such succulent starters as Cured beef meat and smoked scamorza creamy croquettes with fried pepper mayo or Chicken rolls with coconut and lemongrass curry, veggies and peanut-soy sauce. However, the main course will pose a difficult decision for you: Will you choose the Grilled Iberian pork sirloin with Char Siu sauce, Korean spring onion and rice wok with broccoli and pak choi or the Marinated tuna tataki, pea puree, pickled radish and toasted sesame? As you can see, this menu offers delicious delicacies with a very exotic touch… only suitable for the most intrepid diners. Finally, taste the exquisite Payoyo cheesecake, New York-style, with quince and honey compote.

How is it going? Have you already chosen your Christmas menu for your business meal? We already warned you that it wasn’t going to be an easy task… but hopefully there is still room to introduce you to the unparalleled La Marimorena. In this unique menu, you can share with your colleagues a National and international cheese platter, a surprising Sweet potato hummus with feta cheese crumble, crudités and papadum, or some Chicken rolls with coconut and lemongrass curry, veggies, and peanut-soy sauce. When the main ones arrive, will you opt for the succulent Matured beef sirloin with fried potatoes and Padrón peppers or for the tasty Roasted salmon, spicy enoki, rice with sautéed garlic chives, and toasted sesame? Choosing between meat and fish is not always easy, right? To finish in the sweetest way possible, we have prepared a Creamy chocolate cake, cookie crumble and toasted hazelnuts, a real treat for the sweet tooth.

Now that you know the incredible Christmas menus we have prepared at La Fábrica, what are you waiting for to book your business meal with us? Suppose you want your Christmas event to be even more special. In that case, you can welcome your colleagues with a welcome drink or even book a guided tasting to strengthen bonds between your team members. At the restaurant in Malaga’s Soho we adapt to any of your needs, special requests, allergies or intolerances. Only remember that you need 8 diners at least to enjoy your Christmas menu and that reservations must be made at least 7 days in advance. Call us at 952 06 38 02 or send us an email to We will be waiting for you!

Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2023 in Malaga at La Fábrica Cruzcampo Microbrewery

mesa de menu de navidad 2023 en el centro de málaga

What do you think about our plans for Christmas 2023 in Malaga? If you liked the incredible Christmas menus that we have prepared at La Fábrica, you cannot miss our plan for the New Year’s Eve party. Come to La Fábrica Cruzcampo Microbrewery and say goodbye to 2023 as it deserves, surrounded by good music, good vibes and the purest Malaga art!

As you already know, at La Fábrica, we are passionate about celebrating great occasions with you all and this year is not different. You only need to focus on making the most of this New Year’s Eve party surrounded by your loved ones, because we have prepared a very special night full of surprises. What do you think about starting New Year’s Eve 2023 party with a reception at 8:30 pm and a welcome drink for our guests? Toast with your family and friends to the rhythm of the music of La Fábrica while making room for our delicious dinner, which will begin at 9:00 p.m. and will delight us with an endless number of the most delicious dishes. Let’s meet them!

To open this magical evening, a selection of starters will arrive at your table ready to cause a real explosion of flavour. Indulge in the Steak tartare of matured beef loin on crystal bread with soy-cured yolk, the Grilled red shrimp with garlic and parsley majao or the delicious Ceviche of butterfish and purple onion with ginger tiger’s milk. We weren’t exaggerating when we warned you about the explosion of flavour, were we? Let’s move on to the main courses of the night. Dare with the Hake timbale stuffed with Manchego pisto, grilled velouté and pintarroja broth and savour the exquisite Veal cheek with port wine demi glace, potatoes with butter, fresh herbs and baby carrots. Two authentic delicacies that will make the evening a complete success. Don’t forget to leave room for our dessert, an incredible Dulce de leche mousse, vanilla ganache and chocolate icing that will be the cream of the crop to this incomparable menu.

What did you think of the New Year’s Eve menu? This 2023 ends up treading heavily, right? Wait, there are still some surprises in store. As expected, this menu cannot be complete without a wide selection of La Fábrica’s own craft beers, such as the Cruzcampo Gran Reserva, Malagueta, IPA, Trigo or Strong Ale, as well as the best selection of wines from the Premium winery,Líbalis Blanco, Lancer Rosado, Garnacha Olvidada and the excellent Juve Camps Cinta Purpura champagne to toast to the new year. And don’t forget the traditional lucky grapes!

Now you do know. A fantastic plan awaits you at La Fábrica microbrewery to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2023 in Malaga. You can enjoy a welcome drink, a delicious dinner, lucky grapes, 4 drinks during the dance with live DJ, a bag of favours and a late dinner. All without leaving Malaga’s Soho! Can you think of a better plan for celebrating the New Year’s Eve party? Do not hesitate and book in advance to celebrate the event of the year with us. Call us at 952 06 38 02, email us at or drop by Trinidad Grund Street 29, Málaga. We will be waiting for you!

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