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Malaga Film Festival 2018 – Movies, Gastronomy and a Very Special Beer at La Fábrica Microbrewery in Malaga

This year, Malaga Film Festival 2018 will be lived at Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica in a very special way. Cruzcampo, as the official sponsor of the Malaga Festival, declares its #deep_love for this Spanish Film event with three very special surprises. Unsure about what to do in Malaga during the film festival? Put on your best clothes for the red carpet and take note, a few days full of movies are coming up.

During the week of the Malaga Film Festival 2018, Malaga residents and visitors will be able to enjoy an exquisite movie-inspired gastronomy, a beer that looks like pure gold and the best cinema, thanks to the initiative Cortos y Cervezas en el Soho (Short Films and Beers in Soho). And all without leaving La Fábrica!

Experience the Malaga Festival with short films and beers

La Fábrica microbrewery, as official venue for the Malaga Film Festival 2018, will host several events that will allow you to experience the Festival in a unique way in the heart of Malaga’s Soho. The agenda is full of moments you won’t want to miss. Among other activities, we will enjoy forums with Malaga experts, meetings with artists and a series of short films.

The latter is undoubtedly one of the most attractive activities. Short films and beers in Soho will allow us to relive great moments of the Malaga Festival, thanks to the screening of 16 short films from the official section of past editions. The great short films of the Festival and #craft_beer…. What more could you ask for? Well, not much else really, because…. The entrance is completely free!


Saturday 14 (1pm)

Todo un futuro juntos – Pablo Remón (17´)

Luisa no está en casa – Celia Rico (19´)

Sunday 15 (1pm)

Buenos Aires – Daniel Gil Suarez (12´)

Oasis – Carmen Jiménez (15´)

Monday 16 (7pm)

2037 de Enric Pardo (12´)

Un día cualquiera – Nayra Sanz (29´)

Tuesday 17 (7pm)

Anacos – Xacio Baño (7´)

Habitantes – Leticia Dolera (11´)

Wednesday 18 (1pm)

Time code – Juanjo Giménez (15´)

Sara a la fuga – Belén Funes (18´)

Thursday 19 (1pm)

Inside the box – David Martin-Porras (14´)

Tiger – Aina Clotet (16´)

Friday 20 (1pm)

Voice Over – Martin Rosete (10´)

Ahora no puedo – Roser Aguilar (12´)

Saturday 21 (1pm)

Serori – Pedro Collantes (15´)

Tryouts – Susana Casares (14´)

Eat like a real foodie at Malaga Film Festival 2018

After a session Short Films and Beers for starters, continue to celebrate the film festival with the movie-inspired menu that we have prepared for such a special occasion. Chef Mario Rosado has been inspired by three cinema classics to offer you dishes that will be available from 13 to 22 April.

Malaga Film Festival 2018 Menu at La Fábrica

For lovers of American cinema we have the Big Kahuna Burger from the legendary Pulp Fiction. Even Tarantino would want it in his dressing room. The classic Spanish cinema classic Mad Love has inspired this delicious Spanish Roast Lamb. It will be hard not to go crazy for its taste. And, to match the Festival’s red carpet, a Red Velvet in honour of Steel Magnolias. The sweetest ending to a movie menu.

And in this Malaga Festival, the Biznaga de Oro goes to… you!

Cruzcampo continues its support to Spanish cinema and will be the official sponsor of the Malaga Film Festival 2018. So, to celebrate this commitment to the Spanish film festival and to the city of Malaga, at Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica microbrewery we have prepared something very special.

The Biznaga de Oro is the highest award given at the Film Festival and, in honour of this award, our Master Brewers have brewed a beer bearing its name. Come and taste this craft beer which, according to the Masters, is “an original and groundbreaking creation“. Its three malts, the coriander seeds, the orange peel and the jasmine give the golden colour and the refreshing aroma of our particular Biznaga de Oro.

If they ask you, don’t say you don’t know what to do in Malaga during this week of Spanish cinema. Short films and beers, meetings with experts and a movie-inspired menu that will taste better with our special beer, the Biznaga de Oro.

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