Festival de Cine de Málaga en La Fábrica

Malaga Film Festival 2019: Another Awaited Edition of the Fábrica de cortos

The Malaga Film Festival 2019 has come to our city in style accompanied by the well-known red carpet. Among the different activities organised during this event, we repeated an edition of the Fábrica de cortos for those who love cinema and this amazing festival. Anyone who had no clue about what to do in Malaga during the Malaga Film Festival 2019 found at La Fábrica microbrewery a place where they could combine delicious dishes and our #craft beers in a cosy atmosphere. Keep reading to get to know all the details we were revealed during the event!

The Malaga Film Festival 2019 and the Short Films in the Fábrica de cortos

During the Malaga Film Festival 2019, the city centre dressed in its best red clothes, the distinctive colour of the biggest cinema stars. You know that we feel a #deep_love for cinema, so we had to organise this event again after the huge success of the last edition: The Fábrica de cortos was held in our facilities for a second year from the 18th to the 20th of March.

The Malaga Film Festival 2019’s programme is always a total surprise and it is very complicated that you do not know what to do in Málaga during those days. In the Fábrica de cortos, we wanted that our clients had the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful short films from the festival. The organiser, Irene Misas, as well as all the staff, sweated blood to prepare every session of the Fábrica de cortos and that is why it was a unique and very special experience. At La Fábrica, we have art and willingness in abundance, everyone knows that!

Behind the Scenes of the Fábrica de cortos and the Malaga Film Festival 2019

During the Fábrica de cortos, we enjoyed a variety of short films divided into three sessions. The 18th and the 20th of Marchwe projectedshort films like Ada, about the recovery of a woman from an abusive relationship; Block 24 was about the intertwined lives of a writer and a person haunted by the past; Bolingo talked about the migration of women from the heart of Africa to the North of Morocco and Down to the wire was an animated short film that kept its secrets to itself… Of course, we prefer to tell you the secrets of the #beer_culture we are made of!

In the second session of the Fábrica de cortos, which took place on the 19th of March, we projected short films directed by famous film-makers like Eduardo Casanova, with his Fidel enclosed in a room from a very different Cuba, or Macarena Astorga with her Marta no viene a cenar. We could not take our eyes off the screen with stories like Luis & I, Una china en el zapato, Woody & Woody y De repente la noche.

The Malaga Film Festival 2019’s short films, and the most highlighted ones from other years, bring the big screen closer to our clients at the Fábrica de cortos. Apart from our gastronomic and beer offer in our Soho’s facilities. The seventh art must feed our minds and souls! The Malaga Film Festival 2019 bet on great works of art from the Spanish cinema as well as we do. If you missed this edition, stay up to date next year!

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