New Year’s Eve in Malaga: Say Goodbye to 2022 at La F√°brica

New Years‚Äô Eve 2022 in Malaga is coming to town and we all can already feel the awaited New Years‚Äô Night dinner. It’s time to dress up in our best sequinned and silver-tone outfits, but also to start planning our next New Year goals. What are you waiting for? The best part is that you can celebrate this magical night on a large scale with friends in our Malaga restaurant!


That is why we suggest you celebrate New Years‚Äô Eve at¬†La F√°brica, where a good environment is more than taken for granted: toasts, grapes, cotillion and an excellent menu that includes delicious dishes you can combine with craft beers and handmade wines. Curious to know what will La F√°brica bring you on New Year’s Eve? Keep waiting Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it.

New Year’s Eve 2022 Dinner in Malaga: Indulge Your Senses with Our Best Menu

In 2022 we have learned a lot and saying goodbye to such a year requires a spectacular farewell. At La F√°brica we didn’t want to miss this amazing New Years‚Äô night celebration and we want you around to enjoy an¬†exquisite dinner¬†for this New Years’ Eve 2022 in Malaga.

To begin with, let’s warm up with a¬†welcome drink, which is only the spoiler of¬†a wide variety of starters just as special as tonight. Among them you can taste delicious Steak tartar, glass bread and fresh herbs butter, something more traditional and local such as the Iberian ham and fried garlic great creamy croquette, which is always a safe bet, and the Kingprawn tartare with mango, creamy avocado and passion fruit vinaigrette, an elaborated delicacy that will enlighten your tropical side.

These are just the appetizers, let’s turn now to the main dishes. If you are more into seafood then there is the Roasted octopus with red-Pontiac potato Parmentier and a spicy touch, but you can also delight your palate with Josper cooked beef sirloin, Bordeaux sauce with foie and shallots, shiitake mushrooms and chestnuts saut√©ed, a dish with elements traditional to these dates. As to top the evening, we‚Äôll offer you a dessert that will undoubtedly sweeten your New Year’s Eve dinner. Let yourself succumb to the delicious contrasts of the Caramelized puff pastry, textured nougat and berries. This New Years‚Äô night it‚Äôs time to travel through the senses!

Right now, you must be watering your mouth. In addition, since it is New Years‚Äô Eve celebration of 2022 in Malaga, we‚Äôll treat you with two great gifts: our lucky grapes and the champagne Juve Camps Cinta P√ļrpura. These will be the ones in charge of rounding your last night of the year so that you embrace your new purposes on the right track.

La F√°brica Celebrates the Greatest Eve Party 2022 in Malaga

Now, let’s get to the point! If you fancy going on into the night, you are in the perfect place. Upon sampling a delicious burst of flavour combined with some of our craft beers and cellar wines and after having the lucky grapes and envisioning your wishes with a champagne toast, a private DJ will liven up the night with the best music until the sun goes up. In addition, the price of the menu includes four drinks that you can enjoy while rocking it on the dance floor and an amazing bedtime snack to recharge your batteries and have the sweetest dreams. Rest assured It‚Äôll be an unforgettable New Year’s Eve.

Call us at (34) 952 123 904 or send an email to and book your dinner paying in advance to end the year like never before in our Malaga restaurant.

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