Discover the Premium Burgers: Only During the Entre Panes Days at La Fábrica

Attention all premium burger lovers! At La Fábrica Cruzcampo’s restaurant in Malaga, we have the grill ready to present you with a selection of bites sandwiches that you can’t miss.

If you are a burger gourmet in general, then we have the ideal plan for you. If you are in Malaga from April 13 to 23 and you feel like dropping by our restaurant in Malaga’s Soho, our “Entre Panes” (Between Breads) days will not disappoint you. Premium burgers with finger-licking flavours, textures, and contrasts. Come alone or with your company, with your colleagues from work, friends or family. Ultimately, spending quality time with whoever we want is essential. If, in addition, it is with good food, undoubtedly, the laughs multiply. Do you want to know more? Keep reading below so you don’t miss anything.

La Fábrica’s Restaurant in Malaga Brings Entre Panes Days Again

We always like to delight you with plans that carry the Premium label. Our kitchen team is already working to prepare a gastronomic day in which you can try delicacies for all tastes.

At La Fábrica, you can eat and drink surrounded by art since this space is located in Soho, the most alternative neighborhood in downtown Malaga, where urban culture and gastronomy come together: This event will be the ultimate representation of those qualities!

As we told you, there are options for all tastes, so choosing will not be easy. Suppose you are vegan or just want to get away from the conventional. In that case, we present our  Veggie option: a crispy Heura Bagel with coconut milk curry, pickled purple onion, and delicious cream cheese. A bite to delight your palate, go around the world in a taste, and, above all, fill your stomach with a clear conscience.

But the premium burgers from the Entre Panes event bring more intense flavours. Contrast and textures that evoke tradition come together in our Camper Burger: a delicacy that contains dry aged beef combined with Mallorcan sobrasada, romaine lettuce, honey and mustard mayo, mozzarella, and caramelized onion.

We also guarantee that another of our premium burgers will allow you to soak up a somewhat international atmosphere without leaving the table. Try the exclusive Pastrami Lovi. Pastrami (yes, the one you know from your favorite American series) is red meat (usually beef) prepared, preserved in brine, and then smoked. This time we bring it with homemade sweet and sour pickle, a little arugula, delicious cured cheddar cheese, light mayo, and ancient mustard. Get ready to experience an absolute explosion of nuances and flavours. The hard part is not repeating!

Another of our tempting options is the incredible Top Burger. An excellent choice for those who come hungry and want to try an authentic gourmet burger. This time our chefs from Malaga bring you a double smash burger that contains 90 grams of succulent dry-aged beef accompanied by melted goat cheese, Daniela tomato, a touch of red fruit compote, and foie sauce.

Premium Burgers to Pair with Premium Craft Beers

Remember that with all the food, you will indeed feel thirsty. When you are at La Fábrica’s restaurant in Malaga… Do we need to say it? Do not hesitate to consult our experts for the best pairing for your hamburger. But, if you are a regular of the Soho brewery taps, you will know that the LAGER marries with the lightest dishes, that the IPA is the one when we talk about grilled meats or dry-aged beef, and that WHEAT takes the lead with vegan cuisine. Of course, you have the last word and can create the combinations you like most.

Remember that you can come without booking and that if you need more information about the days, do not hesitate to email us at or call us at 952 12 39 04. Experience it yourself! We’re waiting for you at La Fábrica!

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