Arte urbano en el Soho de Málaga

Street Art & La Fábrica:
Malaga’s Soho Is Brimming Over with Graffiti Art

When we think about street art, graffiti automatically comes to mind: the king of urban art. By definition, this art form includes every artistic expression born in the streets and for the streets. In Malaga, unlike other cities, we do only not “live” on the streets, but we also live the streets. That is why it is not surprising that street art has such strong impact in the Soho neighbourhood in Malaga, which lately has become an actual graffiti museum. Could there be a better place for La Fábrica?

Graffiti in Malaga Street Art

Graffiti, as we know it, has been present in Spain since the 80s. Despite the fact that in other European countries this expression of urban culture had already developed by then, the social and political environment in Spain delayed its appearance on our streets. But finally, with the help of La Movida cultural movement, walls and wagons in big cities started to get coated with multicolour sprays.

And Spanish graffiti artists must be recognized for their creativity as, unlike with other European cities, this urban art trend did not reach our streets influenced by American artists. It emerged spontaneously.

Arte urbano en el Soho de Málaga

Quickly, and thanks to technical and product improvements, graffiti art evolved from tags to more complex compositions, which has allowed the Soho neighbourhood to become the Arts Quarter it is today. An open-air museum for which you do not need to queue or pay tickets. Urban art to the highest extent: street art for the street and for the people. Artists like Dadi Dreucol, Faith 47, ROA, Obey or D*Face have offered their works that already fill every corner of our neighbourhood.

Graffiti has often been associated with vandalism and destruction. Nothing could be further from the truth! In our streets, it was a tool for the regeneration and modernisation of our neighbourhood, a place that has become an urban art landmark in the city.

La Fábrica Supports Urban Art

La Fábrica could not give the cold shoulder to this cultural movement that is engraved in its DNA. That is why, apart from #beer_culture, we want to bring a lot of art to our neighbourhood. For this reason, our cultural agenda will include exhibitions of urban artists, live music from local groups and much more that you will discover in this unique alternative space in Malaga. La Fábrica, like urban art, wants to break free from standards and become a factory of experiences. We are here to bring you the #beerst!


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