Tropical Dishes Refresh La Fabrica’s Restaurant

The tropical dishes of the Tropical Taste gastronomic event will be a breath of fresh air on the hot summer days. Already well into July, the first heat waves arrive in Malaga. Beach, sun, heat… Malaga only lacked the tropical food to be a tropical paradise. Do you want to know more about the latest tasting adventure of your favourite Malaga restaurant? Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Tropical Taste event at La Fábrica: tropical dishes in the heart of Soho in Malaga.

Tropical Food Is the Protagonist of the Gastronomic Event at La Fábrica

Who wouldn’t like to escape to a tropical paradise in summer? Sun shining in the blue sky and beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters… But, those who are passionate about gastronomy and good food, also need the smell of the nearby restaurant on that ideal beach? Don’t worry about it for a second. Malaga sets the sun and the beaches and our microbrewery La Fábrica sets the kitchen and a carousel of flavours that will leave you more than satisfied with your tropical “getaway”.

To meet your tropical expectations, the Tropical Taste days at La Fábrica consist of a five-dish tropical menu that will delight the most adventurous gourmets.

As a starter, you can enjoy a Pekin duck bao bun with cucumber, spring onion and coriander. As a light main, you have at your disposal the Sea bass ceviche with local grown avocado and homemade tortilla chips. Authentic local flavour from our tropical coast. The main ones come loaded with flavour with the Spicy kingprawn moqueca with dry spiced rice, on the one hand, and Iberian pluma meatballs with teriyaki glazed, toasted sesame and vermicelli noodles sautéed with veggies, on the other.

The dessert brings the flavour fusion of the Cheesecake with matcha tea and ginger, crunchy cinnamon biscuit and mint ice cream. Will you miss the #explosion_of_flavour of these tropical dishes?

Tropical Dishes at La Fábrica from July 22 to August 1

Now that you know you can enjoy a tropical holiday, without leaving Malaga, you only have to book a table or stop by the restaurant of La Fábrica between July 22nd and August 1st. Don’t worry about the dress code, you don’t have to bring swimsuits, sarongs, or flower necklaces… The flavour of the menu that our kitchen team has created will be enough to make you feel like in a tropical paradise.

Crossing the gate of Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica in Malaga during the Tropical Taste event will be like travelling to that remote destination that you so much want to (re)visit. Choose your travel companion, your favourite Soho beer and enjoy this summer’s most tropical days in Malaga. We will be waiting for you!

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