Where to Eat in Malaga:
Enjoy Slow Food with La Fábrica’s New Menus

La Fábrica’s new menus are already here! Have you come down with spring fever? Don’t worry, we found the perfect solution: recharge your batteries in our Malaga restaurant, rich in vitamin C, and enjoy amazing slow food paired with our delicious craft beers to make up for your lack of energy. Say hello to spring with our new menus at La Fábrica!

New Menu at La Fábrica: The Malaga Restaurant to Enjoy the Real Slow Food

Are you one of those who really loves slow food? In that case, say no more! Come to La Fábrica on an empty stomach and get ready to have a fantastic culinary experience in our urban eatery: Start with one of our delicious Yakitoris, such as our Black cod fritters and togarashi ali-oli or our Iberian pork loin meatballs with yakiniku. Mmm… Isn’t your mouth watering already? Then, continue with a succulent grilled dish, such us our Baked Salmon, fried Garlic, sweet and spicy peppers or our Grilled Iberian pork shoulder with roasted veggies and herbes de Provence oil.

If you are in the mood for good street food, go for our Black Angus burger or our Shepherd-style meat tacos, a #flavour_explosion! But if you prefer something lighter, don’t worry, we also have plenty of options for you: our salads will become your best friend. A salad a day keeps the doctor away! Try our Kumato salad or Our old-style Caesar.

Whatever the case may be, you cannot leave without satisfying your sweet tooth craving. Take a look at La Fábrica’s menu and choose one of our great desserts… What about our Lemon pie on a cinnamon sablé or our Baked tarte tatin with cinnamon and Haitian vanilla ice cream?  #beerisistible!

Non-stop! Menu: Have a Snack with your Beer at Anytime

If you’re one of those who likes to snack between meals, don’t waste your time looking for where to eat in Malaga: La Fábrica’s Non-Stop! menu is the perfect choice, designed exclusively for you. Satisfy yourself from 13:00 to 00:30 with ourIberian Acorn-fed Ham, Homemade partridge pâté jams and toasts or our delicious cheeses. In addition, you will have at your disposal a wide variety of salads and starters to share!

Once you make up your mind, don’t forget to pair your food with one of our seven craft beers! Come to La Fábrica, enjoy the real slow food and make this new season the beerst!

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