A Tato Repetto Graffiti in Malaga: The Renowned Urban Artist Visits La Fábrica

Have you seen the urban artist Tato Repetto’s graffiti art in Malaga? We have it at La Fábrica microbrewery in downtown Malaga. What a privilege! Last July this urban art creator delighted us with his creativity and designed an amazing mural with beer and our #craft style as main references.

Check this out and learn more about the interest of La Fábrica in promoting urban art in Malaga’s Soho district.

Urban Artists Come to La Fábrica Microbrewery in Downtown Malaga

Since our opening day, La Fabrica has opted for urban art and we feel proud of being located in the epicentre of graffiti in Malaga… We definitely wanted to show our commitment to the neighbourhood that welcomed us by offering an original piece of urban art in return. There’s no better way to say thanks!

That’s why we started working and decided to contact the urban artist Tatto Repetto. We had heard about his work, his fresh air and his collaborations in some reference points in Madrid. He met the necessary requirements to reflect our message: brewing craft and pleasure through art.

As we have always said: at La Fábrica eating and drinking is an art! Brewing art, gastronomic art, musical art, and now, more than ever, urban art!

Tatto Repetto: A Story About Graffiti Art

This urban artist masters street art, illustration and graphic design. No mural can resist him. Some will know him as Mr. Haz(elnut), his old alias, but others will have admired this Argentinian’s work without even knowing him. For instance, he has collaborated with Sony Music to illustrate some discs.

Among his references we find names of the urban art scene like Obey, Jamie Hewlett or Stanley Donwood. But surely he must have been a reference for many emerging artists. Even years ago Benicio del Toro was interested in one of his works.

All in all, urban art takes to the streets in Malaga’s Soho district and comes into the local businesses as with La Fábrica and Tato Repetto’s graffiti art. Enjoy the beerest experience through taste, hearing and sight!

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