La Fábrica’s New Menu: Start 2019 in Our Malaga Restaurant

La Fábrica’s new menu has come to our Malaga restaurant in order to start off on the right foot this year. After all Christmas meals we have planned to make some surprising changes… Now it’s time to show you our new dishes! We’ve elaborated them for you to have a wonderful meal in our gastropub because we’re always in #constant_evolution, and that shows when you are at La Fábrica. Come and indulge yourself with us!

Our Malaga Restaurant with a Delicious Variety of New Starters

In our Malaga restaurant we know that after Christmas we all worry about staying on the diet and we got that covered with La Fábrica’s new menu. We want our Malaga restaurant to be the perfect place to relax and enjoy these amazing dishes with a touch of the slow food concept. We’re always thinking about you, that’s a fact! Some of our most traditional dishes are still with us, like Our own smoked and spicy bravas, a must at La Fábrica, but we have others that will leave you speechless…

La Fábrica’s new menu begins with some delicious starters to line your stomach… What about a Px candied onion and goat cheese patty? We must say that our kitchen team is also crazy about the Black pudding crunchy rolls with acid apple gel. #Deep_love for our gastronomy, that’s for sure! Apart from that, our Cuttlefish in its ink croquettes with roasted banana alioli and the Creamy croquettes of spicy sobrasada and smoked scamorza are two dishes that you have to try out! Who doesn’t like to enjoy a good croquette?

However, at this Malaga restaurant we have more aces up our sleeves like the tasty Marinated salmon salad, corn, avocado, pineapple and sake & green curry dressing or the yummy Fried chicken Japanese styled salad, dry blueberries walnuts, cherry tomatos and passion fruit vinaigrette. We want one of each, please!

La Fábrica’s new menu and Its Selection of Main Courses

In one of the most colourful Malaga restaurants we have innovative main courses that will surprise you even more than our starters. Don’t you think so? You’ll do when you try the new burgers with flavours from different countries just like the Americana with pulled ribs, mayo of its juice, double American cheese, caramelized onion with BBQ sauce and green lollo lettuce. That’s what we call a burger! Another choice for those who are looking for exciting flavours is the Mexicana, which includes dry aged beef pastor marinated with chipotle, guacamole, pico de gallo and roasted pineapple. Not to mention our Wrap Premium with roasted chicken wrap, avocado, toasted corn, lettuce, tomato sauce and chile pasilla, International delicacies made in La Fábrica!

Among the options of La Fábrica’s new menu you can find more sophisticated dishes like the Pink cusk eel in black tempura, crunchy bok choy and 7 Chinese peppers alioli and the Baked salmon with rice sautéed, corn, seaweed and Jamaican pepper sauce. Besides, in our Malaga restaurant what the grill joins together let no one put asunder, that’s why we recommend you to taste the exquisite Charcoal grilled Iberian pork with malt wheat stew and goat cheese foam and the Roasted duck with tangerine sauce, chili and sautéed vermicellis with veggies. Whatever you choose from La Fábrica’s new menu, you won’t leave anything on the plate!

Malaga Restautant with a Renewed Menu

Our aim is that La Fábrica’s new menu becomes a tradition in Malaga’s Soho during 2019. In our Malaga restaurant we’re always waiting for you with open arms to show you the most creative way to enjoy a perfect meal in a modern and relaxing atmosphere. Try our dishes while enjoying live music, discover the charm of our facilities and stay with us as long as you want.

What are you waiting for? Call us at 952 12 39 04 or send an email to to make your reservation. Discover the Soho’s magic with our new menu!

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