The Leisure Programme in Malaga by Premium Group

Preámbulo has arrived: the new leisure programme in Malaga by Premium Group. The plans offered in this no-programme will drive you as crazy as our Soho beers, if not crazier. Art, gastronomy, culture and much more… What you can already find at La Fábrica, but now in all the Premium Group establishments. What do you think?

Why is it a No-Programme? Because we won’t be the ones to set the pace for you, you will. You are the master of your time and your experiences. We suggest attractive plans in Malaga and you decide which one will be yours. Shall we start?

Málaga Premium Hotel turned into an art exhibition with Mara Saiz

The first Preámbulo event at the gastronomic hotel Malaga Premium Hotel is offered by Mara Saiz. The photographer from Madrid will present her work and fill the hotel hall with photographs that stand out for their pictorial style and for being oriented towards the search for light and beauty.

This exhibition, part of our leisure programme in Malaga, can be enjoyed in the hotel lobby and in the Bendito restaurant from April 16th to June 11th 2021. If you want to know all the details of this art exhibition in Malaga go to the article at Malaga Premium Hotel website.

ACERVEZADOS: Beer Dishes Flood La Fábrica in Malaga’s Soho

Preámbulo kicks off our leisure programme in Malaga with the gastronomic event ACERVEZADOS. This is about enjoying beer in all its nuances and all its facets. Recipes with beer? Well, of course. Salads, burritos, risottos and even desserts with beer. We haven’t gone crazy, but you might do when you try these delicacies.

We say this from our own experience… What a cheese board! International cheeses in which beer plays a fundamental role in the production process. You can taste these dishes with beer, that are authentic delicacies, at La Fábrica in Malaga from April 8th to 18th 2021.

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