Tapas in Downtown Malaga: A Very Special Croquettes Tasting

Going out for tapas in downtown Malaga is almost necessary for locals and visitors. Eating tapas in the centre is something essential to Malaga’s gastronomic culture. For this reason, and due to the recent celebration of World Croquette Day, we have decided to devote a whole week to this beloved delicacy. A day is not enough, don’t you think so?

That’s why, from January 23 to 29th, you can stop by La Fábrica in Malaga to taste a selection of gourmet croquettes. We have four homemade versions that will make you relive a timeless classic of the local cuisine. Do you want more information? Keep reading, and we will tell you everything.

Tapas in Downtown Malaga to Celebrate the World Croquette Days

Tapas in Malaga Centre Taste Better With Soho Beers

Programme of La Fábrica

Tapas in Downtown Malaga to Celebrate the World Croquette Days

How much we love a croquette! We could say that it is the ideal tapa. It can be enjoyed in one bite, and it has infinite variations and flavours, to be enjoyed alone or shared with friends… And it can be eaten with your hands! Our mouth was already watering when our kitchen team suggested holding a croquette-tasting event.

We can now confirm that from the 23rd to the 29th of January, you can try at La Fábrica a special range of croquettes that will make your mouth water. In addition to the already-known Creamy Croquettes of black pudding, roasted apple with cinnamon, and maho-yuzu and the Creamy Croquettes of blue cheese, mushrooms, and teriyaki sauce with Kewpie mayonnaise, we introduce you to 4 new versions.

Your two favourite tapas together for an extraordinary occasion. First, there are the Creamy prawn croquettes of pilpil with paprika mayonnaise. When going out for tapas sometimes you have to decide if you order one of croquettes or one of prawns… That’s over! Those looking for a more intense croquette tasting will be more than delighted with the Creamy spinach and blue cheese croquettes with red fruit jam. The intense flavour of the blue cheese, the sweetness of jam, and the sourness of red fruits… A combination that will make it difficult for you to share them.

Jornadas de degustación de croquetas

There’s still more about our croquette tasting. We have reimagined a classic and fused it with your favourite flavour “fuel”: the croquette. Such mixture gives way to the Creamy goat cheese croquettes with caramelized onion and semi-dried tomato. We’ve tried to find the words to describe this tapa, but you’d better try it for yourself. Finally, as we love to make you travel with every bite, we bring you an Italian touch. With a classic amatriciana sauce made of tomato, cured pork jowl, pecorino cheese, and a spicy touch, the kitchen team at our restaurant in Malaga’s Soho has elaborated an Amatriciana creamy croquette filled with basil mayonnaise. Are you going to miss it?

Tapas in Malaga Centre Taste Better With Soho Beers

With so many croquettes, you will undoubtedly crave something to accompany them. You can check out the rest of our tapas menu to discover Smoked and spicy bravas that look great or Garlic shrimp roll with vegetables and red pesto mayonnaise you cannot miss.

What really seems appealing in our menu is the pairing. As always, we recommend you follow the advice of our experts, who will help you match the perfect Soho beer with your choice of croquettes and tapas.

As a quick reminder, here are a few recommendations: LAGER beers taste great with those lighter snacks, such as salads, prawns, raw fish, etc.; IPA beers pair best with grilled meats or bravas; TRIGO beers combine wonderfully with salads and rice dishes; and STRONG ALE beers marry excellently with hamburgers and cold meats.

Nevertheless, we recommend the MALAGUETA for a tasting of homemade croquettes, which suits better with cheeses and fried and marinated fish. Not so fast; there is more.

Programme of La Fábrica

At La Fábrica they always have more to offer you! Remember that we always have something going on our stage and offer a croquette tasting for your tapas nights out in the centre of Malaga paired with Soho beers.

On January 25 at 6 p.m., while you enjoy the tapas, you can show your talent with our Karaoke. Suppose you do not like having all the spotlights focused on you or do not want to overshadow the taste of our beers with your vocal skills on January 27 and 28 at 5 p.m. In that case, you can enjoy a tapas evening in the centre of Malaga with Pop FM and Radio 80, respectively.

In addition to eating, if you want to deepen your knowledge of brewing, on January 28 and 29, you can book a visit to our facilities that will end with a guided tasting by our master brewers. A great plan to end the day enjoying some tapas and with a clear idea of which beer is best with which croquette.

Sold? Sold! From 23 to January 29, come to taste our special croquettes. Trying luxury cuisine has never been easier. No bookings, no waiting, no time limits… Order your beer and special croquettes, and enjoy our local artists’ live performances. Can you think of a better plan for a tapas evening in Malaga?

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